Founder of Speedboat Bar & Plaza Khao Gaeng

Luke Farrell Ryewater

Having called Thailand home for nearly 18 years – Luke’s (part-time) return to London came in 2022 with the launch of Southern Thai restaurant, Plaza Khao Gaeng, followed by our very own Speedboat Bar just months later.

Both loving recreations of his favourite restaurants from home, the secret lies in Luke’s impressive green fingers, put to use at Ryewater Nursery in Dorset. Here Luke has created his own jungle microclimate, where he dutifully grows regional varieties of herbs, specialist ingredients such as green papaya and Thai limes, and the diverse chillies that bring Thai cuisine to life.

All of this comes together at Speedboat, where the high-octane energy of Bangkok’s Chinatown fuels a home away from home for Luke – and so many others – in the heart of London.